Webinar Series:

Connecting People to Opportunity

LinkedIn’s acquisition of lynda.com takes them another step closer to offering the types of career-related programs and services traditionally found only with associations, such as:

•  Connecting industry professionals to enable productive and successful career paths
•  Offering the ability to network online and share thought leadership with other members
•  Providing high-quality, easy access to online learning solutions
•  Offering a robust online job board that generates substantial revenue
•  Engaging relevant colleges and universities to capture students in early career stages

Jennifer Baker from ASAE will share how they’ve re-launched the ASAE “Association CareerHQ” program to ensure their association remains the career resource for job seekers and employers.  The new Association CareerHQ goes beyond being just a job board and now includes rich content for association professionals, educational information for those considering a career in associations, as well as valuable resources for employers.

View the webinar to find out what you need to know about LinkedIn’s offerings and specific tactics your association can employ to make sure you stay competitive.